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Marion operates under the Mayor-Council plan of government. Under this plan, all executive authority is vested with the Mayor, while all legislative responsibilities are the purview of the City Council. Michael "Mickey" Alexander is Mayor of the City of Marion, a position he has held since 1988. He serves on a long list of boards and committees, including the Crittenden County Economic Development Corporation and the Crittenden County Chamber of Commerce. As Mayor, he presides over meetings of the City Council and is responsible for all executive functions of the City.

The Marion City Council meets on the third Monday of each month at 6 p.m. to decide on issues of taxation, budgeting, and local law- making. The six members of the Council are Donnie Arflack, Jim Brown, Jared Byford, Michael Byford, Dwight Sherer, and Darrin Tabor. Jared Byford is serving his first two-year term on the Council; all of the rest have at least four years as Councilmen.

For the most timely response to a request of either the Mayor or individual Council Members, please send an email to Otherwise, feel free to contact our elected officials at the numbers below:

Mayor Michael D. Alexander -270-965-5983


Council Members:

Donnie Arflack
Greg West
Jared Byford
Mike Byford
Dwight Sherer
Frank Pierce



Marion’s City Administrator is Mark Bryant. He is a 20 year-plus veteran of local
government, with about ten years as a city or county manager. Bryant has a B.S. degree in Geography
and Urban Studies from Western Kentucky University and a Master of City Planning degree from Georgia
Tech. He is responsible for all day-to-day activities of city government and its various departments.
By local ordinance, Bryant is also the chief personnel officer and purchasing agent for the City.
Melinda Gipson is the City Treasurer of Marion, a position she has filled since
1999. For eight years prior to that, Melinda was the City Clerk. As City Treasurer, she is responsible for
all accounts payable and receivable, the biweekly payroll, and oversight of all front-office functions.
Gipson also regularly prepares and distributes financial reports and statements for the Mayor, Council
and general public.
Pam Enoch is the Marion City Clerk. She started her career with the City in 1996,
and became City Clerk three years later. The City Clerk is the official keeper of all records for the City and
its elected officials. Pam is also the primary overseer of the Marion water system’s billing and collections

To reach any of the City’s administrative employees, phone 270-965-2266.


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